Daytime Lake Tahoe Events

Regardless of the day or month, Lake Tahoe events are offered year-round. Many assume interesting happenings occur only in the summer and winter or at night. Trust us – plenty of programs and events, daily and weekly, extend Lake Tahoe’s true spirit. In the midst of deep forests, mountains, massive sky and sparkling waters, many Lake Tahoe activities rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Even if you keep your days busy with some type of Lake Tahoe activity, you’ll still go to sleep at nights feeling refreshed by the mountain air and the area’s soothing atmosphere.

For daytime Lake Tahoe events, musical, wildlife and scientific activities focused on protecting and celebrating incredible ecological riches encompass Lake Tahoe events for children and adults. Our unique maritime past is found at restored early 20th-century houses such as Thunderbird Lodge. The Tahoe Maritime Museum offers classes and lectures for all ages. State park rangers and other experts trek up snow-covered trails, floral-laden meadows and along sandy beaches highlighting points of environmental wonders. Learn how to go birding or what to do when faced with a native black bear. Improve your sports performance on the slopes or in/out the water with classes in paddle, snowboarding, kayaking or snowmobiling with lessons, clinics or solo.

Lake Tahoe Events: Tahoe’s Culture

Farm to table food and locally produced wine are the main components of multiple Lake Tahoe events. There are Lake Tahoe activities that focus on the Washoe Native American tribe’s multiple millennium’s-old traditions of basket making and acorn pounding. A bit of history never hurt anyone! Culture for kids is found in several venues when the D.G. Menchetti Young Shakespeare Program is performed from late July to early August. To capture the vastness of Lake Tahoe’s beauty, artistic communities hold classes in painting and other mediums. Toccato Tahoe, a group of accomplished regional classical musicians, seasonally performs with world-class artists at both day and night concerts.

As varied as this region’s natural interests are, so are the Lake Tahoe events that happen during the day. Take advantage of them! The listing on this page is for all current and upcoming Lake Tahoe activities, so browse through them and see which catch your eye. 

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