Lake Tahoe Activities & Programs

No matter the season, weather or hour, Lake Tahoe always teems with activity. The area has grown up quite a bit over the past few decades, and Lake Tahoe activities provide a goldmine for nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Lake Tahoe programs come and go throughout the year, and they vary between catering to large audiences and appealing to niche interests.

Lake Tahoe activities take advantage of the area’s diverse terrain that allows for paddleboarding across the Lake in one season and snowboarding down mountains during another. In this giant, natural playground, it’s easy to see why Tahoe activities make it such a popular destination for both summer and winter travel. Take a tour on snowshoes through the Sierra Nevada Mountains or participate in a ski clinic during the winter. In the spring, Lake Tahoe programs motivate you to start your training for triathlons and races happening in the summer. When the sun comes out and the air is finally warm, Lake Tahoe activities get you outside and relaxing with sunset boat rides or outdoor concerts. Autumn arrives and the leaves begin changing, but the activities happening in the many towns dotting the lake will keep you active and involved.

Lake Tahoe Activities Keep You Engaged

Lake Tahoe activities and programs engage people of all ages and abilities, whether it’s kids who want to try a triathlon or adults interested in getting in shape with the help of yoga. Seeing all the area activities here together helps you branch out a little too. You might be in Truckee but see a program that interests you in Incline Village ... take advantage of it since it's only a short drive! And don’t forget to check out our Daytime and Nightlife events for the variety of activities they offer.

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