Lake Tahoe Restaurants — Great Plates

Lake Tahoe restaurants run the gamut from tiny Mexican cantinas to full-on fancy fine dining establishments, and you can bet that every one of them has a Great Plate. What’s a Great Plate? It’s a dish the restaurant serves that, in some cases, isn’t on the menu or that might only appear at intervals. Or, maybe it’s one of their most popular menu items that they feature because of its draw for diners in the know. However it attains the status, if a Lake Tahoe restaurant has elevated the dish to the Great Plate status, you should think seriously of trying it. If you made it a point to visit as many local restaurants as you could and always ordered the Great Plate, you can pretty much be assured that you’d have a very satisfying culinary adventure. From salads created with veggies pulled fresh from the ground to specialty burgers people that whisper about in reverent tones, Great Plates surpass all other dining options. In fact, since there are so many worthy Lake Tahoe restaurants, maybe the above idea is a good one for helping you discover new places, whether that new place is in the town you’re visiting or live in or whether it’s on the other side of the lake!

Check Out All of the Lake Tahoe Restaurants

You know how it goes: You find one or two restaurants you love, and before you know it, they’re the only ones you’ll frequent. And nothing’s wrong with that! We all tend to get into ruts with the restaurants we like. But let our Great Plates be your foodie guide! Simply use the Destination search here to expand your dining fun. Restaurants change their Great Plates regularly, so be sure you check this page frequently to stay up to date on everything offered at Lake Tahoe restaurants