Lake Tahoe Restaurants

Lake Tahoe restaurants reflect the diversity of tastes and budgets her residents and visitors possess. Quality and imagination work together in many kitchens given that the California side of Lake Tahoe produces award-winning wines, grass-fed beef and lamb in addition to superior fruits such as mandarins, berries and apple galore. Regional ingredients from the bountiful Central Valley, just 100 miles west, are concocted daily into appetizing tastes for your tongue. From cuisine to atmosphere, the emphasis is on fresh and natural. Any taste is sated at Lake Tahoe restaurants. South Shore and North Shore offer the greatest abundance of different foods from CalAsian, Latin-inspired, vegetarian and Mexican to barbeque, Chinese and Irish.

Lake Tahoe restaurants frequently enhance their meals with stunning vistas enjoyed inside or al fresco. Low-key places welcome slightly, and more than slightly, grubby hikers and bikers with a cold beer, classic burger and a chat with the locals. Others, like the high-rise Nevada casinos, offer high-class dining at high altitudes. Here, every diner is a winner. Laid-back casualness is the typical Lake Tahoe attitude, but when it comes to eating Tahoe food, expect most eateries to bring their A game to your table, especially when it comes to daily specials. Ask your server for the chef’s suggestion. 

Daily Specials at Lake Tahoe Restaurants

The restaurant specials highlighted here give you insight into the overall menu offered at each establishment, but local chefs love to mix it up, and nightly specials (and lunch specials too!) are a great way for them to try out new recipes. So, even if you think you know exactly what's on a specific restaurant's menu, you might make a happy discovery! Check out all the specials here and open yourself to the array of interesting dining options at Lake Tahoe restaurants.

Fresh mix of green peppers, mushrooms, spinach, onions... More info
With mashed potatoes & seared garlic green beans... More info
With rice & grilled asparagus in mango salsa
With mixed veggies & choice of baked or mashed... More info
With sautéed spinach, tomatoes, and garlic in a lemon... More info
in garlic butter broth. Available on Fridays at... More info
Early Eater Breakfast Special available Friday,... More info
Pork Chop Breakfast with 2 eggs, homefries, toast and... More info
Brother's Bar and Grill Ultimate Bloody Mary... More info
Perfect together, French Macaroons and Espresso Coffee... More info
Everything bagel with cream cheese, tomato and basil.

Artemis Lakefront Cafe

South Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe
Get 20% Off Bottled Wine* when you mention More info
w/ creamy grain mustard & meyer lemon dressing,... More info
w/ smashed celery root, bacon, lemon garlic butter,... More info
grilled w/ Coconut Milk Curry, ginger, jalapeno, blood... More info
4 course meal which includes choice of lil’dinner or... More info
panko roasted w/ meyer lemon, sage, Red Chard, creamy... More info