Lake Tahoe Dining Promotions

Lake Tahoe restaurants can satiate just about any culinary craving you might have. If your stomach growls for it, you can probably find it, even if you have to drive to the next town to do so (but adventuring is half the fun!). And the best part of loving a certain restaurant's fare is that, quite often, Lake Tahoe restaurants feature weekly dining promotions where you can happily fill up for less moolah. And we do mean fill up . . . bottomless pasta bowls, $1 tacos, massive bison burgers, free chips and salsa before a weekly featured meal. Let's say you're a major Mexican food junkie. Then Taco Tuesday nights are for you! Maybe it's an AYCE (that's all you can eat, just in case you're not into those maddening shortened "words" . . . LOL) Chinese buffet on Monday nights or a Friday night burger and beer promo. Bottom line is that many savvy restaurants in Lake Tahoe know that weekly promotions are a great way to pull in new guests and make regulars even more loyal.

Lake Tahoe Restaurants – Fun Promotions 

If you make it a habit to look at all the Lake Tahoe restaurant dining promotions here, you'll both save yourself some money and, perhaps, discover a restaurant you've never been to whose promotion prompts you to try it out. Maybe a Thursday night Manicures and Martinis promo is just what you've been looking for to celebrate the coming weekend. If that's not your thing, try out a Fish Fryday (clever!) or a Wingsday Wednesday. Note that lots of restaurants build dining promotions around special events such as the Super Bowl.