Lake Tahoe Happy Hours

After an active day of hiking, standup paddleboarding or skiing (depending on the season), it’s time to wind down, and what better way to do it than with a drink in hand? Well, maybe it’s better if it’s a half-priced drink in hand! Lake Tahoe Happy Hours happen at restaurants, clubs, bars and casinos all over the area, so you’re never too far away from a refreshing beverage. Happy Hours feature deals on cocktails, reduced prices on craft beers, wine from local wineries, beer from local breweries and more.

Some Lake Tahoe restaurants and bars offer Happy Hours nightly, and others have them on certain days of the week. There are even Lake Tahoe restaurants and bars that have week-long specials with extra deals depending on the day. Got a case of the Mondays? Get happy again when you go to your favorite sports bar after work. Or celebrate the start of the weekend by grabbing drinks with your friends before hitting the town. Depending on the restaurant, Lake Tahoe Happy Hours can begin in the early afternoon, evening or even later as the night-time activities heat up. Lake Tahoe Happy Hours don’t apply only to drinks; some restaurants even have special prices on appetizers and other nibbles. Now you can enjoy a half-priced brew along with half-priced Buffalo wings. Talk about happiness!

Lake Tahoe Happy Hours Are Everywhere

If the evening hours have arrived and you’re deciding how to begin your post-work activities, let this page guide you to where some of the best Happy Hour deals are happening. This page is updated regularly with restaurants’ and bars' current Lake Tahoe Happy Hours and specials, so be sure you check back frequently to stay up to date on where you can score great drinks and even better prices. Browse through the listings below, grab your friends and find a place to get happy when the sun goes down.