Lake Tahoe Shopping Must Haves

Everywhere you turn, you’ll find great Lake Tahoe shops. Markets, boutiques, sports stores, sports gear rental stores, home décor stores, souvenir shops ... the list just goes on! Since the towns that dot the perimeter of the lake are mostly walkable, your experience with Lake Tahoe shopping is often one of happily wandering in and out of places that catch your attention. But, when a car is called for on your Tahoe shopping trip, it’s helpful to have a good idea of where you want to go to get just the right item. Of course, you can visit every single shop in the area if you want! But, what if you want to hone down your shopping? Or maybe you’re in a hurry and must use your time wisely? What if advance info might help you choose one clothing store over another or help you pinpoint the Lake Tahoe shopping sales you know you don't want to pass up? This Must Haves section on Lake Tahoe Shopping is your starting point.

The Must Haves of Lake Tahoe Shopping

Here, on a regularly changing basis (these shops keep it fresh with new deals and merchandise all the time!) you'll be able to do some retail therapy before you even leave your chair! This week’s Lake Tahoe shopping sales could help you find that fabulous ski coat you've been wanting or get an idea of a memory-inducing souvenir you can take back home with you; next time you visit the site you might discover a beautiful bowl to add a loving touch to your home decor (and, perhaps, bring you into a store you've never been to before). These Must Haves introduce you to the inventive, cozy, helpful or just plain necessary shopping items that really should end up as yours! 

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The Eadington Gallery

South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City
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