Lake Tahoe Events

From the crack of dawn to the stroke of midnight (and beyond), people are out and about having fun at Lake Tahoe events. And if you want to join them, you’re right where you need to be. This is where you will find all the Lake Tahoe events, both daytime and nighttime offerings, in one place. People who live around Lake Tahoe and those who visit the area are an active bunch, and they seize opportunities to make the most of their time here. Want to snowboard all day and party in the clubs all night? Keep reading. Do you need to entertain your kids with fun things to do all day? You’ll find the activities you need here (and maybe find a wine tasting or comedy show to enjoy after they’re in bed). You get the idea. From art classes to educational talks, mountain biking adventures to late-night parties, there is a Lake Tahoe event for every age and interest. Trust us, there is a Lake Tahoe event for you, so get out there and have some fun!

Lake Tahoe Events All Day, All Year Round

You might think that Lake Tahoe events happen only in the summer and winter seasons during the times of peak visitation. But Lake Tahoe events go on all year round. If you’re looking for something fun to do, keep scrolling. In the listings below, you’ll find both Lake Tahoe daytime events and Lake Tahoe nightlife events, things like educational programs, arts events, indoor and outdoor activities, festivals, celebrations, volunteer opportunities, live music, entertainment and so much more. Some events require pre-registration or have an age limit or other restrictions, so be sure to check all the details before you go. 

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