Brrroque Masters Concert Series

Tahoe Symphony Orchestra, BRRRoque Masters Concert Series

Every January, we're thrilled to present a captivating music program featuring some of the most esteemed composers and talented musicians. Under the baton of Maestro James Rawie, this extraordinary concert promises to be a true auditory delight. Prepare to be mesmerized by the following exquisite pieces:


Scarlatti: Su le sponde del Tebro - Featuring the extraordinary trumpet skills of William Cates, this piece will transport you to the beautiful banks of the Tiber River, with its enchanting melodies and vibrant rhythms.

Handel: Bright Seraphim - The angelic soprano voice of Anne Davidson will soar through the air as she performs this breathtaking aria. Get ready to be moved by the sheer beauty and emotion of her performance.

Vivaldi: Concerto “Spring” & Concerto Grosso Op.3#11 - Revel in the vibrant sounds of spring as we present two remarkable concertos by Vivaldi. These compositions will take you on a journey through nature's awakening, with their lively melodies and evocative harmonies.

Handel: Organ Concerto Op.4#2 - Prepare to be awed by the magnificent organ playing of David Brock. This majestic concerto will showcase the power and versatility of this timeless instrument, creating a truly awe-inspiring experience.

Where is the activity?

Tahoe Symphony Orchestra (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Tahoe Symphony Orchestra

586 Douglas Ct.
Incline Village, NV
(775) 298-6989