Mud Treatments for Detox

Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center & Spa, Mud Treatments for Detox

Revitalize your body and rejuvenate your spirit with Steamboat’s Mud Detox Treatments. Crafted from a special blend of herbs by a Native American herbalist and two detoxifying clays, our unique mud treatment is designed to coax your body into releasing toxins. Clients have experienced a range of benefits, including positive results in weight loss programs and reductions in heavy metal toxins. 

Treatments & Packages:

Mud Body Mask, $145 1 hour
One hour full body treatment. This should be scheduled after any other Spa services.

6 Pack of Mud Body Mask, $780
Each Mud Treatment will continue to work for approximately 3 days if the instructions are followed. It is recommended that Muds be scheduled at least 4 days apart. Once a week is a recommended schedule.

Infrared Sauna, $12 with Mud Detox Treatment
$18 as a standalone service

Pre-registration required

Where is the activity?

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