Magic Fusion Starting David Goldrake

The Loft Theatre, Magic Fusion Starting David Goldrake
Event Description: 

Join David Goldrake on a timeless journey into the world of magic. His show represents an enchanting encounter between the artist and his audience.

Employing subtlety, charm and physicality, David Goldrake breaks down the barriers of his spectators' imagination. Classics of magic as well as innovative experiments in mind reading and escapology are perfectly intertwined with music and movement to provide an extensive variety of spectacular showstoppers.

David Goldrake belongs to the new generation of illusionists and presents a fascinating show that makes the audience forget time and space.

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Where is the event?

The Loft Theatre (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

The Loft Theatre

1021 Heavenly Village Way
South Lake Tahoe, CA