Call to Artists - Dia De Los Muertos North Lake Tahoe 2019

This Event has no scheduled dates at this time. It last occurred on Friday, September 20, 2019.
Dia De Los Muesrtos - Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, Call to Artists - Dia de los Muertos North Lake Tahoe 2019
Event Description: 

Call Summary
We are inviting Lake Tahoe community members of all ages and local artists to honor
and celebrate the Dia de los Muertos (All Souls Day) holiday with tabletop or shelf
display art exhibits that will be part of community ofrendas in Kings Beach, CA, from the
first week of October to November 5, 2019. The Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos,
which dates back to Pre-Colombian times, is the celebration of lives lived rather than a
remembrance of the end of lives. Each year, on Nov. 1 and 2, we honor our loved ones
who have passed on by celebrating their place in our lives.
There is limited exhibit space available.

Art Criteria and Goals
Artists and community members must be from the greater Tahoe basin (including all
Tahoe basin communities) and are invited to create tabletop or shelf display pieces.
Displays must fit on a maximum base size of (20” long x 18” wide) or smaller and may
be made of any media. Displays should not be precarious by construction: these will be
in areas accessible to the public during normal business hours.
The artwork should reflect Dia de los Muertos traditions, inventive interpretations are
encouraged. Traditionally ofrendas can range from quite simple to elaborate and may
include some or all traditional items such as photographs, flowers, candles, feathers,
etc. Artists are encouraged to offer their artwork for sale: a small percentage of the sale
price will go to DDLM North Tahoe to fund this annual exhibit. **Artists must supply
completed artwork**. 
Prior notice is REQUIRED for in situ assembly (displays assembled on site). If you plan
to create your display in situ, please reserve your exhibit space early, otherwise, all
pieces must be display ready. Other types of DDLM-themed artwork will be considered
according to available space.
Art Location
The ofrendas will be on display in two local restaurants, the North Tahoe Event Center
and, pending approval, the Kings Beach Library.
Artist Compensation
DDLM NT cannot offer compensation, but we will be happy to consult regarding artwork
concepts, materials and possible ways to obtain in-kind material donations. We will
include all registered artists’ names and display titles in our public information and
online media.
Exhibit Deadlines
Installations begin the first week of October. Your commitment to exhibit must be
received by DDLM North Tahoe by September 20, 2019, via email or USPS.
For more information on exhibits, exhibits venues, and types of artwork to be
considered and to reserve space, please contact Cruz Ortiz Zamarron at, or by phone at (530) 546-2176 (please leave a clear,
detailed message, calls will be returned within 24 hours).

Where is the event?

Dia De Los Muesrtos - Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe (See address and directions on the rightbelow)