Cross Country Ski Lessons & Clinics

Tahoe Cross Country Center, Cross Country Ski Lessons & Clinics

Safe, easy, affordable ski lessons are especially great for first-time skiers. Learn the basics of safely gliding, turning and stopping on cross-country skis in a supportive group atmosphere. Our group lesson packages include a 1-hour group lesson, equipment rental, and trail pass.

The instructor will demonstrate how to use cross-country ski equipment, how to move and balance on skis, hold your poles, negotiate different types of terrain (flat, uphill, downhill), how to get up if you fall, and more. More advanced skiers will receive analysis on how you are performing with personalized tips and coaching advice.

Where is the activity?

Tahoe Cross Country Center (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Tahoe Cross Country Center

925 Country Club Dr
Tahoe City, CA
(530) 583-5475