Lakes - Fishing Report, Aug 23

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Friday, August 23, 2019
Boca Reservoir
Donner Lake
Prosser Lake
Stampede Reservoir

Lakes - Aug 23 Fishing Report

*Designates best areas to go fishing now.


Planted the week of 8/11. Shore fishing remains good with the best time to fish being from sun-up to about 10 o’clock. Typical trout set ups working well here including floating powerbait or worms off the bottom or using spinners or spoons such as Kastmasters or Roostertails. Trollers still finding fair kokanee action in about 60-80 feet of water but we expect this to slow down as the kokanee are nearing their time for spawning. The mackinaw bite remains hit-or-miss but should pick up in the next few weeks as the kokanee start their spawn and become easy pray. Jigging over the schools of kokanee can be deadly for these big fish once this begins! 90% Cap.


Shore Fishing: Powerbait in Chartreuse or Rainbow, floating worms off bottom, small spinners or spoons.
Trolling: lyman plugs, rapalas, flatfish or top lining needlefish. Jigging P-Line laser minnows, buzz bombs or crippled herrings.


Shoe fishing at boca remains slow as they continue to keep the lake drained to work on the dam. Shore access will be limited to the eastern side of the lake as the road over the dam is closed and boats are forced to shore launch further limiting fishing here. The best fishing here will be at the Little Truckee inlet which will be restricted to catch and release, barbless and no baits or scents. Low lake level due to construction on dam.


Shore Fishing: Powerbait or worms, Kastmasters in gold or rapalas.
Trolling: Flashers and worm, gold Needlefish, Rapalas and Apex lures. Jigging buzz bombs around dam


Kokanee fishing remains the main draw here and is still kicking out some nice fish; however reports of a few fish starting to “turn” means that the weeks of kokanee fishing are limited and anglers should take advantage of this time of year with fewer boats on the water and cooler mornings prolonging the bite window. Trout fishing has been good here with reports of a lot of cutthroat showing up while kokanee fishing and some browns being caught on Rapalas fishing a faster troll speed tight to shore. Some mackinaw being caught close to the dam using jigs in the deepest parts of the lake. 96% of Cap.


Shore Fishing: big spoons in gold or silver, large Rapalas or floating worm off bottom.
Trolling: top lining needlefish, humdingers, apex or Rapalas. Downrigging lyman plugs, flatfish, broken back Rapalas. Jigging P-Line laser minnows or buzz bombs


With a plant expected on 9/1 trout fishing should be good throughout the fall as the temperatures start to drop and days begin to get shorter. Smallmouth fishing has been good here with easy fishing for the smaller fish and a few fish in the 3-4 pound class showing up. The lake levels remain high here keeping the boat ramp in the water and with light boat traffic trolling should be great for the few fishing here. 85% of cap.


Trout: worms or Powerbait, spinners in gold or silver, Kastmasters.
Bass: soft plastic jigs, rebel crawdads, drop shotting finesse baits or a jig under a bobber