Lake Tahoe Fishing Report | June 20th, 2019

Mile High Fishing, Lake Tahoe Fishing Report | June 20th, 2019
Thursday, June 20, 2019
Lake Tahoe

 Lake Tahoe Surface Temperature has risen 8 degrees in 10 days.  This big increase runs in line with some of the most drastic weather changes I have witnessed in my 50+ years of living in Tahoe.  With that the fishing has changed a bit as well.  Coming off the full moon and ready for Summer a Solstice the Fishing is really going to kick in.  We are both light tackle jigging and trolling at Mile High Fishing.Captain Justin has primarily been trolling down riggers in an average depth of 120’.  With fish up to 8 pounds and most days production to be limits of fish.  Rapala’s at 3 mph on all four down riggers.Captain Jon is jigging and Drifting minnows in 180’ of water.  The full moon slowed things down a bit but fishing picked back up today.  Jon has consistently caught very nice fish up to 11 pounds.Captain Joby has been jigging in an average depth f 110’.  Producing the most Fishin the fleet but not much size.  Averaging in the mid teens in quantity the quality of fish has been right at the lake average of 4 pounds.Fishing will consistently improve as the moon wanes.  Look for the next few weeks to see average size increase and all boats catching above average quantity.The 30’ KingFisher joins the fleet in the coming weeks, along with Captain JD RICHEY.  Give us a call fo today’s report.Rainbow Trout and German Brown Trout action is still very good.  Water temps are at 53 degrees and rising.  The fish are really active.  Fish the northeast portion of the lake over about 20’ of water.

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