Distance Reike Energy Healing

5th Element Healing Center Lake Tahoe, Distance Reike Energy Healing

Distance Reiki and Energy Healing sessions are performed as if the client was in the office.  Marianne works around the table as if they were there in front of her.  She takes notes during the session and writes up an e-mail to the client after, as to what came up and released.  In addition to Reiki, sometimes Marianne will us Tarot cards, Conscious Healing and BodyTalk to aid in the healing process.

Energy can not be destroy or created, it can only be transformed.  This is a law of physics.  Healing energy can travel over space and time to reach another person.  There are no physical boundaries because everything is made up of energy.  From me and you to the computer that is solid in your hands to the chair you may be sitting on.  Did you know that the light we see at night from the stars, is million of years old by the time it reaches our eyes?  Yet that energy has traveled through space and time to reach us.

To book an appointment, please call Marianne at (530) 448-4220 

1 hour - $111
Pre-registration required
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Where is the activity?

5th Element Healing Center Lake Tahoe (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

5th Element Healing Center Lake Tahoe

8611 N Lake Boulevard
Kings Beach, CA
(530) 448-4220