The Beacon Summer Music July Series

This Event has no scheduled dates at this time. It last occurred on Tuesday, July 31, 2018.
Camp Richardson Resort, The Beacon Summer Music July Series
Event Description: 

Join the Beacon Bar & Grill for their 2018 Summer Music Series. 

July Performances 1pm-5pm:

  • 1st Midnight Flyer (Eagles tribute)
  • 2nd Jesse Kalin Carson (singer/songwriter)
  • 3rd Molly DeLallo (singer/songwriter)
  • 4th Trippin King Snakes (rock)
  • 5th Jerry Frank (country/rock duo)
  • 6th The Breakfast Club ('80s)
  • 7th Beach Cowboys (surf rock)
  • 8th Musicole (funk/RNB/soul)
  • 9th Jesse Kalin Carson (singer/songwriter)
  • 10th Roland Stone (reggae)
  • 11th Jesse & Friend w/ Lowell Wilson on Keyboard
  • 12th The Novelist (blues/rock duo)
  • 13th Johnny O Band (jump blues)
  • 14th Southern Justice (country)
  • 15th Island of Black & White (original rock/reggae/blues)
  • 16th Jesse Kalin Carson (singer/songwriter)
  • 17th The Magnetic Vibe (new classics)
  • 18th Jesse & Friend w/ Lowell Wilson on Keyboard
  • 19th Rock River (blues/rock duo)
  • 20th Ditchweed Harvest (classic easy)
  • 21st Drought Relief (classic rock)
  • 22nd Big Red Blues Band
  • 23rd Jesse Kalin Carson (singer/songwriter)
  • 24th Mike Passars (solo classics)
  • 25th Jesse & Friend w/ Alex Bryant on Guitars
  • 26th The Mob (rock)
  • 27th Mud Bonz (blues)
  • 28th Lost in Suburbia (rock)
  • 29th Key Lime Pie (Latin classics)
  • 30th Jesse Kalin Carson (singer/songwriter)
  • 31st Nigel Hubbins (singer/songwriter)

Where is the event?

Camp Richardson Resort (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Camp Richardson Resort

1900 Jameson Beach Rd
South Lake Tahoe, CA
(800) 544-1801