Boonfire | Truckee Public House

This Event has no scheduled dates at this time. It last occurred on Friday, August 23, 2019.
Alibi Ale Works, BoonFire | Truckee Public House
Event Description: 

After years out on the road, Ryan Davis finally returns to the small town of Boonville, CA. There he finds not only the musical talent that he's been searching for all this time, but that it lies in the hearts, minds, and hands of some of his closest childhood friends. At the helm, multi-instrumentalist Ryan "Boon" Davis has toured with multiple acts, including Warsaw Poland Bros, Dead Winter Carpenters, and The ScareCrow Project. He currently runs The Sheep Barn; a small recording studio in the hills of Yorkville, CA, and is endorsed by Tone Tubby speakers and Pork Pie Percussion.

Jerzy Skupny is a musician, poet, comedian, and most importantly: a farmer. Though he hails from Cali's most famous wine growing region, he and his wife now man the billows of The Apple Farm, an organic orchard of beauty and prosperity nestled in the Anderson Valley. Jerzy is also endorsed by Tone Tubby speakers.

On drums is the famous Lee Mcewen, one of the most sought after drummers in Mendocino County. Having played with the likes of Joe Blow, and The Ukeholics, Lee's phone is always ringing. But luckily, he sticks with us.

Raoul we keep locked in a gilded cage; sometimes in downtown San Francisco, and sometimes up here with his family in Anderson Valley. If Raoul were to be unleashed onto the bass playing community, pandemonium would ensue. Yes, he's really that good.

And so, from the ashes of so many bygone projects, BoonFire rises like a magnificent musical phoenix.

Where is the event?

Alibi Ale Works- Truckee Public House
10069 Bridge St.
Truckee, CA