Canoe Rentals

Adrift Tahoe, Canoe Rentals

Adrift Tahoe rents and sells Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks and Canoes, including an Outrigger. We are located on the beach next to King's Beach State Park.   

Make sure you bring: Bathing suits/attire/board shorts/rash guards, waterproof sandals/shoes (sand gets hot), sun protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, hats), water, snacks. Beachwear & sunscreen, water, coconut water, San Pellegrino, and Kate's Real Food Bars can be purchased at Adrift Tahoe.

$60/hr, $160/day

Where is the activity?

Adrift Tahoe (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Adrift Tahoe

8338 North Lake Blvd.
Kings Beach, CA
(530) 546-4112